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About Us

Welcome to NAMI Dubuque (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Our mission is to bring stigma-free brain and mental health efforts to the forefront allowing our expanding service areas to be compassionate communities where those with lived and shared experience, can thrive. We focus on education, support and advocacy for peers and their families.

We believe in advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves and

work collectively to live and build a stigma free community where

mental/brain health services are equitable and sustainable.

We believe in community support, as all of our programs and services are free of charge.

NAMI Dubuque provides interim care (non-clinical) by way of support groups, education classes, materials, presentations and programming using evidence based models.

We strive to be an approachable, accessible nonprofit organization that meets the needs of other agencies through resource sharing and providing emotional support and complementary care

for peers and their families that live within Dubuque, Jones and Delaware counties and surrounding areas.

NAMI Dubuque has been incorporated since 1996 and we are a 501(c)(3).

Chairman: Kellie Cook                           

Vice-Chair: Sarah Carlson                          

Secretary: Megan Gloss

Treasurer: In recruitment

At Large: 

In recruitment                                             

Jeff Walters

Amy Jenkins (Web Design)

Past Presidents:

Immediate Past, Britni Farber

Diane Bucko

Susan Ruden

Dee Mosiman

Past Legacy Building Leadership:

Kathryn Beecher-Kolck, VP

Katie Potter, Secretary

Daryl Brufoldt, Program Support

Jim Normann, Peer Programs

Advisory Council:

Kathryn Beecher-Kolck, Dubuque, Iowa

Dustin Farber, Dubuque, Iowa

Nicole Gantz, Dubuque, Iowa

Jodi Ehlers, Delaware County

Donna Boss, Delaware County

Mark Otting, Jones County

More leadership coming soon...



Britni Farber 

Program Center Coordinator

Executive Assistant of Operations:

Olivia Einarsen

Director of Recovery & Peer Services

Assistant Program/Operations Coordinator:

Ellen Schardt

Director of Jail Recovery Services:

Jim Vansteenburg

Peer Support, Programs & Community Outreach:

David Lange

Director of Families:

Barb Otting

Director of NAMI Basics:

Nichole Bauer

Family Advocate/Organizational Support:

Rachel Callahan

Volunteer Support Facilitators & NAMI Advocates:

Mark Otting, Lead Family Advocate

Molli Hunter, Jones Co

Kelli Naylor, Jones Co

Cathy Ahrens, Peer Advocate

Jami Schadler, Dyersville

Theresa Wilson

Kristi Howes

Deb Wessels

Allison Poster

David Pelton

Kellie Cook

Mary Beth Vansteenburg

Meredith Lahey 

Kathe Beneventi

MaryAnn Barton

Loreali Addison Scully

Nancy Edwards, Jones Co

Tom Derr

Christine Socash

Samantha Petersen, Delaware County

In loving memory:

Kat Liebold, Volunteer Facilitator

Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors is a collection of compassionate community advocates who are invested in the outcome of mental health and NAMI Dubuque.

NAMI Dubuque, the (National Alliance on Mental Illness), is an affiliate of NAMI National, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by lived experiences.

Locally, our community minded approach to brain health services allows us to be approachable, accessible, and equitable in care
for our peers, their families, our loved ones, the community
and the tri-state area.

At our newly renovated program center, we offer our core NAMI programs, support groups, in-depth educational classes and events, presentations, public speaking engagements, supportive therapy (complementary care) appointments, WRAP programming, WRAP workgroups, awareness, advocacy, peer and family support, an abundance of resources and we are working to add
specialized support groups and learning opportunities 
to fill in the gaps in care.

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