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Privacy & Legal

Welcome to NAMI Dubuque (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

Our mission is to bring stigma-free brain and mental health efforts to the forefront allowing our expanding service areas to be compassionate communities where those with lived and shared experience, can thrive. We focus on education, support and advocacy for peers and their families.


Diagnose, prescribe, treat with licensure clinical therapy, provide crisis stabilization services, provide medication management, homeless services, respite care, emergency shelter services, disability home-care rehabilitation services or rehabilitation employment support. We do not provide direct probation services or legal aid. We cannot, by law, be named as a licensed clinical provider. 

We DO:

Believe in community support, as all of our programs and services are free of charge.

NAMI Dubuque provides interim care (non-clinical) by way of support groups, education classes, materials, presentations and programming using evidence based models.

NAMI Dubuque programs are of "free-will" and we welcome your participation in our programs!



Endorse political candidates nor fund lobbying efforts. 


Discriminate. All are welcome. Our program model is built upon our national brand's

medical team and under their advisement. For inquires about the creation of signature programs, please inquire at our national office.


A grassroots mental health nonprofit. We solely operate within the scope of our bylaws and registered nonprofit status. We are happy to recommend other agencies should you need unique services independent of NAMI Dubuque. Our services are free, confidential and we do not sell our mailing lists, donor/supporter contact information or personal participant information.

For a copy of our privacy policy, please inquire.

NAMI Dubuque has been incorporated since 1996 and we are a 501(c)(3).

NAMI Dubuque, the (National Alliance on Mental Illness), is an affiliate of NAMI National, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by lived experiences.

Locally, our community minded approach to brain health services allows us to be approachable, accessible, and equitable in care
for our peers, their families, our loved ones, the community
and the tri-state area.

At our newly renovated program center, we offer our core NAMI programs, support groups, in-depth educational classes and events, presentations, public speaking engagements, supportive therapy (complementary care) appointments, WRAP programming, WRAP workgroups, awareness, advocacy, peer and family support, an abundance of resources and we are working to add
specialized support groups and learning opportunities 
to fill in the gaps in care.

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