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NAMI Signature Programs and Presentations

Our programs, classes and presentations are an essential piece to the NAMI Dubuque and NAMI National model, founded on evidence based practices. Our programming is nationally recognized as an educational tool for peer, family, caregivers, loved ones, young adults, providers, and school systems.
For more information and inquires about our programming:
Contact David or Jim, Peer Programs at:
david@namidubuque  or  jim@namidubuque.or
 Contact Barb, Director of Families at:
Contact Nichole, NAMI Basics Director at:

NAMI Presentations:

  • Ending The Silence

  • In Our Own Voice

  • FaithNet

  • NAMI 101

  • "Lunch and Learn" events

Email us:

Our signature presentations are nationally known and recognized for their story-sharing structure and dedicated NAMI messages. 

For more information:


Upcoming Classes/Programs:

NAMI Dubuque Office

  • Family to Family (8 weeks)

  • Peer to Peer (8 weeks)

  • WRAP (12 weeks)

  • WHAM (8 weeks)

  • NAMI Basics, 1:1 Course

Questions on program schedules?


Basics: Nichole,

Family: Barb,

Peer: Ellen,

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