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Working with NAMI Dubuque

Thank you for your interest in joining our team at NAMI Dubuque.

How do we support our work?

Core team:

Our core team is made possible by our host site affiliation with the AmeriCorps VISTA program through Volunteer Iowa.

AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteers research, create, and work to expand our programs and services through capacity building.

Our listing descriptions require full-time work in areas related too: volunteer programs; recruitment, trainings,

and volunteer retention to provide programming and services, donor management, fundraising,

membership engagement, events/outreach, and working to reduce levels of poverty as defined by the guidelines.

No current listings available

Grant Funded:

Grant-funded opportunities become available upon the award of grant funds.

These are non-career, non-biding opportunities to become a part of our NAMI Dubuque family.

Current program awards in progress: Jones County, Delaware County, CFGD, Theisen's More For You, McDonough Foundation

No current opportunities available

Volunteer Facilitators & Mentor(ee) Trainings:

Volunteer Facilitators facilitate our signature programs and support groups and are not traditional employees of NAMI Dubuque.

Our groups and programs are facilitated on a rotating and as needed monthly basis and we provide volunteer facilitator stipends.

Volunteer Facilitators are volunteers: non-career, non-binding, non-employees of NAMI Dubuque and work to

enhance our nonprofit mission through volunteerism and provided NAMI Dubuque trainings.

Training is required as well as an initial commitment to facilitating our programs.

Our mentor(ee) training program provides invested individuals with our support group model training

outside of the traditional state certification training. Volunteer Facilitators or individuals in

our mentor(ee) training program are held to standards outlined by our brand's national identity and material fidelity.

Please make an appointment with us and ask for a copy of our handbook to review expectations, policies,

and stipend schedules. We do have an interview process for program and group volunteer facilitators.

It is highly recommended that interested individuals have participated in our NAMI Programs and identify as a peer or family member as related to their program interest. 

Please note: we can not guarantee long-term facilitating relationships as our program needs and capacity does change.

We reserve the right to suspend and amend programs at anytime. 

Open opportunities: Advocates: Delaware County (Connection Recovery Support Support & Family Support Group Facilitators)

Email: for more information.

Team engagement with NAMI Dubuque requires all of our volunteer facilitators, mentor(ee)s, core team, etc.

to be a paying member of NAMI National.


These are great opportunities for the community to become familiar with the NAMI name and what the organization does. These events give us the chance to distribute our informational literature/brochures as well as information on the education courses we offer and our monthly meetings.


Our Volunteer Facilitators enhance our programs by facilitating and leading groups, programs and classes.

Our team of facilitators are the backbone to our programs and we welcome inquiries!

We also have mentee training opportunities for those who cannot attend the certified state training but wish to enhance our programs through leadership alongside NAMI Dubuque. We offer this measure of engagement through our connection support model.

Volunteer Facilitators, Open Group Leaders, Support Group & Class Facilitators as well as our Mentee Training Programs do not designate individuals as employees of NAMI Dubuque.

Inquire with us:

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